The Cure
(Fiction ficcd 39)

How sad is it that one of my life's biggest regrets is selling back my Cure Wish singles? See, I had the UK editions – the third single (A Letter to Elise) came with a box that allowed you to house the three singles along with the Wish CD itself, so all yer 1992 Cure needs could be stored in one place!

So I'm a big-ass dork. Glad to have made that so painfully apparent.

Anyway, the singles and box fell victim to one of my many "Um, I need to eat" money-generating CD sellback pogroms. Fortunately, my good friend Dr. H still has 'em, so every year or so I insist on borrowing the whole shebang and/or just visiting with them quietly.

Ew, I am now revealed as even more of a dork, if that was at all possible.

Anyway, High is probably my least fave of the three singles – decent enough song, definitely marked a newish sound for the band, but it's not their best. The b-sides, "Twilight Garden" and "Play," are fine mid-period Cure, though clearly rating "b-side" on the ol' delight-o-meter. (?)

The "higher mix" of "High" is preferable to the original, 'cause you get more of the swirly guitar lines and Cocteau faux-harpsichord.

Hopefully one day the Cure will release a comprehensive b-sides box and gather all this stuff up for reassessment. Their lesser material is better than a lot of bands' good stuff.

All told, I'm glad that I still have visitation rights for these singles; I suppose I could re-buy them again on eBay or something, but that's such a hassle. Maybe one of these days I'll make a 2-cdr Wish Sessions comp. Er, is this a review anymore, or am I just thinking out loud?

Review by The Big Oof