The Cure
A Letter to Elise
(Fiction ficcd 46)

I consistently find that I'm wired as a "third single" kind of person, that is, for some reason, my favorite single by a given artist at a given time is almost never the eye-opening first single, nor the mammoth second single, but rather the neglected and subtle third single.

As with Lisa Lisa – my favorite single? "Little Jackie Wants to Be a Star." And the Romantics? "One in a Million." And New Kids on the Block? "Tonight."

Yuck, couldn't I have come up with better examples than those? I don't even like those bands. Well, acknowledging whatever credibility I've lost in the process, I'll simply proceed.

My favorite single off Wish by the Cure is A Letter to Elise, slow, simmering, wistful, brooding, ruminative, honest, and real. Sure, Friday I'm in Love is a better single and song, but isn't it a bit obvious, really? "Friday" might get your ass up out of your seat and set you about to dancin', but "Elise" will knock you back down to pour another brandy and think about your mistakes.

The EP is stellar, with two prime b-sides ("The Big Hand" and "A Foolish Arrangement") and the "blue mix" of "Elise," which is not radically different, but it's, yes, that's right, bluer. And who doesn't want to be blue from time to time? Think of all the clues you get! (?)

The original UK version of the CD came with a box that had space to hold Wish and its three singles – how I wish I still had that. In terms of selling back CDs, I really need to stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Come to think of it, I need to stop doing that with my children, as well.

Review by The Big Oof