Ben & Jerry's Entangled Mints

This ice cream is so goddamn good they should ban it, so I could be the first to open a speakeasy devoted to serving it.

Entangled Mints is one of Ben & Jerry's seemingly retired "2Twisted!" flavors, consisting of Mint Chocolate Cookie and Marble Mint Chunk blended together into one minterrific wonderland bonanza. A genuinely good pun, too!

My jesus christ, but this is good. The mixture of mint ice cream and chocolate ice cream is good enough, but then there's mint crème cookies and mint fudge chunks as well.

Fuck my lord, this is so damn good. If I am ever to be executed, I shall make sure this is my last meal … maybe five pints of the shit! That and one last lap dance, and I'll die happy.

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Loud Bassoon rating scale

Review by Gay Diamond