Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns

Do you think it's possible that in the storied meth fields of the American Midwest, given their proximity to dairy farms, lab technicians might dabble in ice cream in their downtime? A single drop of Cinnamon Buns on the human tongue produces a response never before seen in over-the-counter ice creams. The teeth begin to sparkle, the cheeks develop a rosy glow, and the loins become swathed in a placental warmth that is so comforting, the test subject does not want to move, ever again.

Smooth, creamy cinnamon ice cream forms the base of this delectable pint, and each spoonful has the potential to reveal a hidden wellspring of velvety caramel streusel. And as a reward for your exploration, you discover lodes of scrumptious, sweet cinnamon bun dough, which are so perfectly chewy, you don't even need to be Han Solo to understand what they're telling your taste buds. Beware, though, giving this flavor as a gift, as it will turn friend into enemy, for addiction is not an easy thing to overcome.

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Review by Mike Frigidore