Ben & Jerry's Blondies Are a Swirl's Best Friend

Even for Ben & Jerry's, the name of this one is overly preening, not to mention its intended pun doesn't even really work … shouldn't it have been Blondies Have More Fun? Or how about Blondie Eat to the Beat Swirl?

Fortunately for the Vermontian Fatties, it tastes damn good. It's like a pro-white version of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, with blondie chunks in place of brownies … the key difference being the swirl of fudge that runs through the chocolate ice cream.

Any way you slice it, it's a tasty blend, although I've really never latched on to the whole "swirl" concept. I really prefer chunks to swirls. Swirls remind me of diarrhea; I honestly think that is the reason I don't like them so much.

At any rate, this has both – plenty of chunks, plenty of swirls. And it's low fat, to boot. Although if I keep eating ice cream at such a horrifying rate, low-fat is the one thing I won't be! So I better cool it till the "Fat is Beautiful" trend kicks in.

Review by Helene Bacon