Robert's American Gourmet – Tings

Hot on the heels of discovering Chaos, Robert's American Gourmet's other recent parallel-universe snack offering, I found Tings, which is an equally weird product name, and perhaps significantly more dubious sounding. The idea, as illuminated by the faux-Jamaican-accented bag copy, is that this new snack is just a bag of "T'ings" to enjoy, mon.

Initially, the name scared me more than drew me in. After buying a bag, though, I began to take great delight in the seemingly endless barrage of puns I could use around the house in reference to it. "Hey, I bought some new Tings." "No, I'm not hungry, I had some Tings to eat a little while ago." "Tings are good, overall." "Do you want me to pick up any Tings at the store?" Etcetera.

I get a lot more mileage out of this than you'd expect. As for the chips themselves, they're just like Cheetos, but with much less cheesefinger.

Review by Steve Pissor