Lay's Stax – Barbecue

It's astounding that it took someone this long to make a than Pringles rip-off. And Lay's does such a hell of a good job, I'll suggest they're even better than Pringles.

In almost all respects, Lay's has created an identical chip. The only differences are two. First, there is no queasy afterfeel in the stomach signaling that you have eaten too many. Second, Lay's puts the barbecue powdering on the concave side of the chip, while Pringles does so on the convex. This took many chips to get used to, but I found myself adapting my eating habits accordingly, and the advantage here is that it's easier to keep the barbecue off your fingers.

Your tongue will also appreciate it, and while you may be expecting me to mention something about vaginal infections or cunnilingus techniques, you'll get no such satisfaction here. I have yet to sample the original flavor, but I would guess it's the same as a normal Pringle, just with concave salt.

And you'll be pleased to know that if you eat them all at once, they all come out in one long cylindrical turd, while Pringles tend to give you nothing more than a summer complaint.

Kudos, Lay's, for you have smote than Pringles's ruin upon the mountainside.

Review by Jan Lars Ullrich