Pringles Sweet Mesquite BBQ

I have to say, I wouldn't be surprised if Pringles were the most popular brand of potato chip, because they come in the most fun packaging. Whereas most, if not all, brands come in bags, Pringles are packaged in an appealing semi-metallic cylinder. I don't really think they make music like in the commercials, but that's really not the reason I buy them. If I want to make music, I buy Rice Krispies.

The chips themselves are also fun, because they're shaped like half-duck bills, as any kid without a sugar teat in his mouth has already realized. If you put two of them together, you get a whole duck bill. It's fun putting them in your mouth for a while, but they moisten quickly and the bill collapses.

So you're going to have to eat them eventually, but that itself is a pleasant experience. Especially with BBQ flavor. I'm not going to go into the specifics of how I eat them, but in any case, they're tasty. They're like Jays in that you can't stop eating them (except that with Jays, I can stop eating them, and that's assuming I even started eating them in the first place, which is not likely).

I'd imagine, though, that they're pretty fattening, especially since there's a low or no fat version, one of the two. But I figure even if I go crazy and eat an entire cylinder in one sitting (which I think I've done once or twice), it's kind of like eating three big potatoes.

Review by Tony Roselle