Doritos® Sizzlin' Picante™

I have the same issue with this new limited-edition Doritos flavor that I had with Poppin' Jalapeno: simply, that it is unnecessary. Sure, it has a little kick to it, unlike Nacho Cheesier. But how am I to determine whether it justifies its existence by being either more or less kicky than Spicer Nacho? Or is Doritos simply coming out with one distinct flavor for each individual number on the Scoville scale? Are we to expect future flavors such as Scorchin' Scotch Bonnet, Pop-Lockin' Poblano, Cripplin' Pure Capsaicin, and Paralyzin' Pepper Spray?

Don't mistake me: this flavor tastes fine. It's Doritos. I can't say any of their flavors has ever offended me, nor knocked my kneepants down. But if anything, Sizzlin' Picante distinguishes itself from the rest of its Doritos brethren mainly in the noticeably larger amount of orange residue it leaves on your fingers.

Review by Wheatley