Doritos® Poppin' Jalapeno™

Every time I go in to the 7-11 to get me some scratch-offs, I notice a new flavor of Doritos. Most of them seem to disappear as quickly as they arrived, leaving me to question whether I ever saw them at all. Blazin' Buffalo Ranch? I think that was real. Spicy Red Curry & Pickle? I'm not so sure. But doesn't it seem plausible?????

In any event, while I always enjoy trying a new variation on an old standby, I can't say Doritos is breaking much new ground. Many of these new flavors simply fill in the range of "kick" you can expect from Doritos. So, Poppin' Jalapeno is about midway between Nacho Cheesier and Fiery Habanero – perfect for those who find the former too bland but the later too spicy. Does this niche really exist? It's not like your basic Doritos are all that bland, or even their "hottest" offerings all that hot. This is about the equivalent of McDonald's creating a separate menu item for a Quarter Pounder with two additional onion slivers.

Review by Mamie Moreland