Sprecher Root Beer Soda

In my extensive travails through the world of beverage consumption, I have never come across a beverage so fine as Sprecher's Root Beer. Its smooth texture and robust flavor have kept me in awe since I discovered it a few years back in a Wisconsin gas station. I won't go into what I discovered in the back of that same gas station.

Nowadays I see Sprecher lots of places, even grocery stores, and I can't recommend it enough. Its magic comes from the exquisite blend of vanilla and honey—the latter, unfortunately, rendering it non-Vegan friendly (honey is an animal product, even if they're just damn bees).

It's sure to be one of my life's greatest regrets that, since becoming Vegan, I shall never again have one of these marvelous root beers, but I shall do my part to encourage everyone I know to drink Sprecher just for the vicarious thrill.

Or maybe I'll just end up screaming "Screw the fucking bees!" and have one myself.

In fact, fuck my half-assed Veganism, I just went ahead and had the damn thing. I am SUCH a political person.

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Review by Lazyeye Larry