Read & Burn 02

Read & Burn 02
(Pink Flag PF5)

Picking up where Read & Burn 01 left off, 02 makes no attempt at a polite introduction, just walking right up to you, punching you hard in the side of the head, stomping on your chest, going over to the kitchen to eat the lunch you were about to have, knocking over the refrigerator, and then setting the apartment on fire before stomping out to go get a pint. Even as you watch your whole life go up in flames, you are grateful for the interlude.

The title song and "Spent" are as ball-kicking as music gets, cool and clever and confident. Wire doesn't need you, they know they rule. That the best rock music in the world right now is being made by people twice as old as the Strokes says something about Wire. At a time in their career when most bands are riding some reunion tour for a fat paycheck, Wire is concentrating on what made them unbeatable in the first place: fucking great songs, and no holds barred.

Review by B. Foote