The Masterplan
(Epic 69647)

Following the bomb … it's a puzzle as old as well, uh … puzzles. Stumped by the impending need for a new release, and continued funding for Liam Gallagher's legal defense, Oasis assembled a collection gathering together various B- sides that American fans had already been paying too much to collect.

A few good songs crack the surface here, although it is frustrating that some of the best B-sides have been left off the collection. "Acquiesce" is here and kicks a ton of ass; so are the mellow Noel gems "Talk Tonight" and "The Masterplan." However, "Round Are Way" is missing, which is a travesty, and "Step Out" and "Cum on Feel the Noize" are very sadly excluded, in favor of the lame "I Am The Walrus." Give the Fab Fixation a rest, boys.

The other songs are surely filler, but better filler than the entire Be Here Now album, with the notable exception of "D'Ya Know What I Mean", but that song only rocked because it had the same chords as "Wonderwall" and had a big cool helicopter in the video.

Anyway, back to this one … I don't see myself listening to it a whole lot other than for "Acquiesce." That song would have been a lot better on Morning Glory in place of "Hey Now" … but maybe they obviously had their marketing "masterplan" set up all along.

Review by Casey Blick