The Cure
Vienna Dream Tour 2000
(Ghost Music cdr)

A nice audience boot of the Cure's performance at the Libro Music Hall, Vienna, 11 April 2000. I'm actually enough of a fan that if they released official CD's of every show on the Dream Tour, I'd snap 'em all up, or at least a good percentage. Supporting Bloodflowers, the band played with more conviction than they possibly ever had before. I caught 'em twice that tour and was blown away both times. They had no right to be as good as they were, as far into the game as they are.

The setlists on the tour varied a bit, with the same basic framework, but some focusing more on Pornography, others on Disintegration, and others on Faith. This show has some infrequently-played songs ("Shake Dog Shake," "There Is No If," "Trust"), with the second disc heavy on Disintegration and a great encore set ("M," "Play For Today," "Just Like Heaven," "A Forest").

Overall it's one of the two or three shows I would recommend seeking out in lieu of official bootlegs. You'd have to be a real fan to sit through nearly three hours of live Cure, but then, if you're reading this, no doubt you've self-selected already.

Setlist: Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination Street, Open, The Loudest Sound, Shake Dog Shake, Last Day of Summer, Maybe Someday, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Sinking, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, End, 39, Bloodflowers, There Is No If, Trust, Plainsong, Disintegration, M, Play For Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest.

Review by Allentown Andrew