The Cure
Close to Me remix
(Elektra/Fiction 66582)

An apertif of early 90s remixes spun off the Mixed Up album, this single remains surprisingly satisfying despite clear datedness. "Close to Me" is treated to that "Funky Drummer" beat that everyone was using circa '90/'91, courtesy Paul Oakenfold, who has since gone on to such bigger things that he's exactly as cheesy again as he once was. Good, groovy little remix, though. You couldn't kill that song with dynamite and a can of D-Con.

Er, clearly I need to re-read The Anarchist Cookbook, I seem to have my recipes mixed. The b-sides here are the "Dizzy Mix" of "Just Like Heaven," which lilts about in beautiful clunky shoes, and a seven-plus minute "Red Mix" or "Primary," which ten years ago would have been my least favorite song on here, but the mix seems a lot fresher now for whatever reason. Almost gets into Nine Inch Nails pop-industrial territory.

Can you dance to it? Fuck no. But how can you argue with songs as good as these, really?

Review by Wolfram Bovis