The Cure
Gurten Festival, Bern 14 July 1995

How many Cure boots does one need? More, more! This one's a nice soundboard of a '95 summer festival show, finding Robert & Co. in a reasonably good mood, trotting out lots of the bright pop songs ("Push," "In Between Days," "Mint Car," "Boys Don't Cry," "Just Like Heaven," "High," "Close to Me," "Why Can't I Be You?") plus a couple of less-performed tracks ("Dressing Up," "A Strange Day," "Shiver and Shake") and lots of standbys that I must own at least ten versions of ("Edge of the Deep Green Sea," "Pictures of You," "Fascination Street," "Charlotte Sometimes").

Particularly inspired on this night: "Trust," "Lullaby," "Let's Go to Bed," and "The Walk," in which Robert employs a vaguely Chinese accent. The festival shows are always good fun, 'cause the band isn't necessarily catering to its hardcore fans, so it has to sell itself a bit more by playing the "hits." And come on, you like the hits, don't you?

Good sound, good performance … nothing spectacular, but nice to have. I was trying to explain to my incredulous girlfriend why I felt compelled to download every Cure show I happen to find, and related it this way: "Imagine a shoe store where they have a rack of your favorite Anne Klein shoes in every color, free for the taking. How many pairs would you get?" Of course, she admitted she'd get all of them. Girls sure love shoes, the darlings.

Setlist: Want, Fascination Street, A Night Like This, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Just Like Heaven, Trust, Jupiter Crash, High, Dressing Up, The Walk, Let's Go to Bed, A Strange Day, Push, Mint Car, Friday I'm In Love, In Between Days, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Shiver and Shake, Disintegration, End, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?, Charlotte Sometimes, Boys Don't Cry, A Forest.

Review by Mr. Fuck