Blank & Jones featuring Robert Smith
A Forest
(Gang Go 073)

Robert Smith becomes Shirley Bassey on this piece-of-shit single which takes The Cure's still mesmerizing "A Forest" and attempts to turn it into a dance track. With its deadly dark bassline and nightmarish lyrics, the song was certainly a good choice, and there's a coolness factor to using Robert Smith simply as an iconic figurehead singer … but the result sucks.

Smith's vocal is weary and meandering, which works when he does this song with the band, but not when his voice is front-and-center with only a poorly-chosen filter to tart it up. The music is punchclock Euro house, no subtelty or inventiveness at all.

A shame. This ought to have been a cool little record. The b-side, "Summer Sun," is fine for rolling on ecstasy, but chances are you already have about five hundred tracks exactly like it. They ought to have included drugs with the disc, since you'd need 'em to really enjoy it.

Review by Big Morgan