Ben & Jerry's® Dave Matthews Band® One Sweet Whirled™ Peace Pop™

I hate DMB's music – s samey and safe and pointless and meandering and non-melodic. I also can't fucking stand it when the word 'whirled' is used as a punfor the word "world", as in the ironically violence-inducing bumper sticker "Imagine Whirled Peas." Look, a) it's not funny, and b) it's a horribly forced pun, and nobody, even Paul Prudhomme, uses the term "whirled" at all, unless he's at the office.

Eeesch. So much hate in a review about a Ben & Jerry's product. I apologize, 'cause they're good people and they make damn good ice cream. This particular 'peace pop' is no exception: coffee caramel ice cream with marshmallow and a milk chocolate coating. It's like Rodney Greenblat drawing a cartoon featuring Claire Danes and Snoop Dogg going grocery shopping – all likeable ingredients that simply can't fail, no matter what the context.

If anything, I downgrade the rating purely due to the product's name and association. The cardboard packaging looked nice and friendly – that whole "one step away from a smiley sorority sweatshirt" graphical approach that's somehow attached itself to the world of frozen goods.

And as far as B&J goes, someone should go down to corporate HQ and replace their crummy collection of String Cheese Incident CDs with a bunch of Röyksopp and My Morning Jacket. Maybe then we'd get some truly cool flavors out of 'em. Hippies can like Ace Of Base, too, you know. It's all good, dudes. Seriously.

Review by Juan Johnesco