Ben & Jerry's® Nutty Waffle Cone™

At last, the thrill of eating a waffle cone in pint form. No more tearing rubbery cones apart with your teeth to get at the hardened chocolate in the bottom, no more chasing ice cream trucks only to be kidnapped and held against your will in a dank basement for months, hourly urinated upon by the perverted ice cream truck driver who is ultimately gunned down by the ATF agents who rescue you.

Lip-smackin' vanilla malt ice cream with fudge swirls, smattered with fudge-covered peanuts and fudge-dipped waffle cone pieces. Fudgarrific. It's a fairly straightforward ice cream, not as forward-thinking as, say, Ben & Jerry's Pistachio! Pistachio!, but a simple pleasure that is a welcome addition to the Ben & Jerry's flavor family.

Hopefully I will not follow through on my current plan to review all available Ben & Jerry's flavors, because the fat content will surely drive me back to my adolescent weight of 917 pounds. I worked hard to lose 900 of those pounds, and was able to get down to 17 pounds by having the majority of my body surgically removed, so now I consist only of a mouth, a stomach, and two hands to write these reviews.

That, of course, explains the consistent lack of intelligent commentary.

Review by Rick Puce