Ben & Jerry's® Karamel Sutra™

Neapolitan ice cream has always been a bad idea. How many people ever want two flavors at the same time, let alone three? The only feasible scenario would be if you like all three flavors but don't want to waste your money buying each flavor individually. Under no circumstances should anyone want to mix the flavors. Would you want a Neapolitan milkshake?

Karamel Sutra uses the Jekyll & Hyde approach, but the chocolate can move to the back of the bus as far as I'm concerned. Instead, the ice cream is split down the middle, with vanilla and chocolate each sharing a half. The center has been drilled down to the bottom and filled to the brim with caramel.

Much like you, this ice cream has both a shiny exterior and a dark inner self and each side is at odds with the other for control of the caramel core. As good as the vanilla tastes, the chocolate invariably butts in and ruins the whole party.

Your best bet to fully enjoy this might just be to stick your tongue down the center like you were searching for a caramel clitoris.

Review by Mike Frigidore


I'm a total sucker for pretty much any type of iced cream that isn't straight chocolate. I'm especially susceptible to anything with loads of caramel. For example, if Robin Wright-Penn starred in a film with Matthew Modine, Jessica Lange and Michelle Pfeiffer (all of my most hated actors), if there was something free with caramel for the audience, I'd be first in line.

Therefore, me saying I loved this pint like Susie loves Chapstick is like Susie Chapstick saying she loves Chapstick; sure, she's fucking paid to say that shit, but her fucking name is Susie Chapstick.

Review by Crimedog