Terra Blues Potato Chips

I brang these to two work parties recently and they had curiously different fates at each. The one, which featured mainly nerds, gobbled them up and proclaimed them delicious. The other, which featured mainly Dave Matthews types, avoided them like the bag said "Melanoma Chips." (Neither party, by the way, ate any of the Melanoma Chips that I brang.)

Well, at both parties, I ate them and found them to be simply spectacular. A fireworks of robust texture and deep flavor that dances acrost the tongue like Danny Terio through the homeless shelter.

I think people may be a bit scared of them because they are made from blue potatoes. But that is frankly like being suspicious of someone simply because of the color of their skin, and that idea would be ridiculous!

These are amazing, almost but not quite as good as Terra's Yukon Gold variety. Incidentally, when I said "brang" earlier, it was intentional, futso. I realize that my reviews are far from coherent at this point, but that's what you get for making my churn two thousand of them out per week.

Fortunately I am sustained in the knowledge that I am providing a valuable consumer service in rating these chips, especially given the fact that virtually no one would potentially be searching for information on them on the Internet, and also that if they were, they'd find no actual information in this review.

Everyone loses, but at least I get the chips. 🙏

Review by Ed Punani