Route 11 Potato Chips – Barbeque

I almost never get barbecue flavor potato chips, figuring I'll leave them for the jocks and sportos who wave them all around in your face as some measure of their overblown masculinity. (?)

But I was intrigued by the Route 11 brand, and no other flavors were on the shelf, so I gave it a go. They are pretty good. Sweet and tangy, thick and crunchy. I would compare them in general style to Cape Cod, but in basic taste to Kettle Chips.

I probably should not have eaten the entire bag in one sitting, but I was pretty hungry. I spent most of the night filling the house with horrible flatulence, but actually this was unrelated to the chips. It happened to be the third Wednesday of the month; that's when I host my FA meetings.

Review by Teensy Weensy