Pringles Ranch

Everybody has their own favorite flavor of Pringles. And apparently, some people prefer Pringles that taste like they've been dredged in a pan of Hidden Valley Ranch powder.

This has to be one of Julius Pringles's least integrated flavors, aside from those weird ones you see In the UK, like Prawn Mayonaisse or whatever. The chip and the flavoring seem completely separate and distinct. Neither is bad, but they don't particularly blend. Sort of like Nigerians and Neo-Nigerians.

They might as well just sell a combo pack with a tube of regular Pringles and a packet of ranch powder, then you just sprinkle as much ranch on as you like. Except I guess then you'd get ranch powder all over your pants. Well, fuck it man, I was just trying to help.

Review by Branko