Pringles Pickle Rick

Like the relentless inside jokes "Rick & Morty" fans can't help but keep quoting no matter how much you punch them, pickle chips aren't for everyone. But, as with those jokes, the people who do love pickle chips love 'em. So while Pringles Pickle Rick is clearly a cash-in product, I have to say, it does makes sense on a conceptual level.

Now, I get it … "Rick & Morty" is apparently very funny. Everyone keeps telling me so. And "Pickle Rick" was classic. Everyone keeps telling me so. Cool. You all go ahead and keep on lovin' it. It ain't for me. But I will goddamn right help myself to some of these "Rick & Morty" Pringles!

Flavor-wise, I'm not picking up much, if any, difference between these and regular Pringles Dill Pickle, which to me sits right next to its brother Pringles Salt & Vinegar on the dual throne of sour and salty snacks. But if it's a simple re-branding of the same product, it wouldn't be alone in Pringles history. Anyone else remember Pringles The Hogan Family, which was just Sour Cream & Onion in a brief new guise? What about Pringles Andy Sipowicz's Dead Fish, which was given away as a red-carpet exclusive at the "NYPD Blue" Season 7 premiere party? That was just Pringles Trout Dip.

If Pringles decides to continue with the TV tie-ins, you know what I'd really like? Pringles Full Monty, to be released along with a FULL reboot of "Monty," the 1994 Henry Winkler series. Come on, Pringles, let's make this thing happen already!

Review by Pumboo Dongo-Dohnoh