Lay's Sensations – Sweet Chili & Sour Cream

I've had many sensational Lay's in my day, but some Lay's are extra sensational.

Oops, that sounded like one of my grandfather's dirty boasts. Grandpa (he called himself "the black Wilt Chamberlain") claimed to have slept with 20,000 women during his lifetime, producing 11,000 children and nearly 150,000 grandchildren. Amazingly, the entire family stayed together, and now our brood constitutes the thriving metropolis of Dayton, Ohio.

Which brings me directly to Lay's Sensations. I'm not sure why chip makers have become so obsessed with "bistro style" chips, as I am not even sure there is such a thing as a bistro anymore, and furthermore I'm not sure bistros as a whole were primarily or even peripherally known for having "gourmet" potato chips. I ain't complaining, though. These chips are goddamned delicious.

Compared with regular Lay's, these Lay's really leave you satisfied. (There I go again with the "Lay's" jokes … if that last one can even be called a joke.) Sturdy, crunchy, and almost preposterously flavorful, these are truly what Mark meant when he said in the Gospel of Mark, "Fucking hell, these chips are just awesome, I'm going to eat the whole goddamned bag!" This was in the parable where Jesus turns a box of old ethernet cables into several bags of potato chips and explains that the chips represent the cuticles of God. This is why, to this day, many Catholics give up everything but potato chips for Lent, and get pretty goddamned sick.

You'd expect a bit more kick to these chips given that "chili" is in the name, but it's not like they're lying; the bag does specifically mention that it's sweet chili, not hot chili. Personally I like my Lay's a bit hotter, but there is something to be said for really smooth, tasty Lay's, too.

Review by Pete Sampriss