Doritos® Spicy Sweet Chili™

Okay, is Doritos just joking at this point? How many slight variations on the same chip do they expect we require? Surely they're just milking extra sales out of people who normally wouldn't buy Doritos at all but are curious seeing a new flavor. Or maybe there are more people out there who, like me, buy each new one specifically to review it. Yes, I'm sure the mainstream chip industry is counting on that subculture to make or break 'em.

Unlike some of the other recent flavors, this one does, at least, deliver clearly on what it promises. I notice a limey tang (not to be confused with Limey Tang, the series of amateur British pornos I produced in the early 2000s) as well as a lingering spiciness on the tongue, each playing off the other in a fairly pleasing way. Even so, it's hard to think of anyone who is more obsessively covering the same ground over and over besides Jandek.

Review by Pelvin Landers