Doritos® Ranchero

These chips are tasty, but the layer of spice does not imbue the chip to the degree that you'll find with the standard Nacho Cheese flavor. The chile coating is an entirely separate layer. Think more of a Hostess Cupcake as opposed to a Twink. Hmm, that wasn't a proper analogy. Think more of a pudding with a hardened top layer as opposed to a pudding with the top layer mixed in. No, that's even less appropriate. Think of a, wait, did I say "Twink" instead of "Twinkie"? Sorry, my mistake. I tend to cover my Twinks in a layer of spices, and lick it off much as I would do with a Ranchero Dorito, so you can understand why I might have such a slip of the tongue. So to speak. God I love Twinks.

Review by Chip Monk


As I began to eat these, I couldn't quite pinpoint what the flavor – described on the bag as "the bold ranchero flavor of traditional Mexico" – reminded me of. So I slowed down, and savored a few chips until I put my finger on it.

It's Waffle Crisp!

Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Review by Trixie Hobbitses