Doritos® Brand Jumpin' Jack® Cheese Flavored

If you're thinking "Pepper jack cheese-flavored Doritos®?! Why, I could swore those came out in like 1990?!" then you're not alone … well, you are ultimately alone, but that's why God made Doritos® in the first place!

I'm not sure if these are the same recipe as the 90s version or not; to me they land in the somewhat bland hinterlands between Cool Ranch and Toasted Corn. Amidst all the Hot Taki bullshit of our day, though, they are pretty refreshing.

I probably wouldn't have even noticed them except for the somewhat striking white bag design, which instantly distinguishes them from the various other flavors (Blazin', Poppin', Jukin', Shakin', Walkin' … wait, was that famous Miles Davis album series actually about Doritos?).

The stark white bag reminds one of John & Yoko's famous Doritos "Bagism" campaign, if not of John himself on the cover of Abbey Road. In fact, if you look closely at the cover of Abbey Road, you can actually see the orange stains where John wiped the Doritos powder off his hands on the ass of his clean white pants.

Review by Mitsty Schmucko