Cape Cod Potato Chips – Yukon Gold

While Terra has a decided lock on the Yukon Gold potato chip crown (and a hotly contested crown it is), Cape Cod makes a similarly sweet and delicious offering from these apparently high-maintenance potatoes.

In the packaging copy, Cape Cod goes pretty far out of their way to describe exactly how difficult it is to make these potato chips, so that helped me to appreciate the effort all the more. Substantial chip, subtle taste … a lip-smackin' experience all around.

Incidentally, this was the first thing I ate after a weekend laid low with a flu bug, consisting almost entirely of feverish sleep punctuated by vomiting and diarrhea. I say this not for shock value, but rather to point out the wholesale lack of common sense I have in choosing food at any given time. Well, what can I tell you, I was craving potato chips. You think I give a rat's ass whether or not it was the ideal food to rebuild my flagging digestive system?

Ha, when I said "flagging" just now, it sounded like I meant it in the same way as I would have said "fucking" or "friggin."

Review by Lipstick Les