Cape Cod Potato Chips – Sea Salt and Vinegar

This is about as fine as potato chips get without being fed to you personally by a seminude Lynne Russell and/or Jerry Orbach. Cape Cod kettle cooks their delicious chips for a delicious taste that remains delcious time and again, delicious, delicious, delicious.

Delcious delicious, delicious delicious and delicious when declicious.

Salt and vinegar chips are the undisputed Grand Wizard of the potato chips Klan, and sea salt is even better, if only because it sounds better. God damn, these are delicious.

Say, what the hell was all that about a moment ago when I used the KKK as a metaphor to describe these chips? Man, I am clearly running on empty … empty calories that is. I've got to eat something with nutritional value one of these days. It's basically to the point where you can see through my skin like an aquarium, and jump on my belly like a trampoline.

*Pause* I think that may qualify me as a tourist attraction in Kentucky and the Virginias; I shall have to look into that.

Review by Teensy Weensy