Block & Barrel™ Classic Regular Potato Chips

These are the kind of potato chips where you eat them and then feel like, shit, man, that wasn't worth it at all. You find yourself in the gym a little later, masochistically subjecting yourself to three grueling hours on the Stairmaster in a pathetic bid to work off the wasted calories. You barely even notice when the cute Latino guy whose cornhole you'd like to tongue walks in, towel slung saucily over his shoulder; that's how focussed you are on blotting out the sorry memory of these merely functional potato chips.

The closest comparison would be regular Lay's, no, take it down a notch and make that Jay's. Thin, salty, greasy … don't get me wrong, they're hardly inedible, I mean, they are still potato chips, for Christ's sake.

But I was not surprised in any way when I went online to find out more about "Block & Barrel" and discovered it to be a pseudonym for bulk foodservice provider Sysco. It is apparently the name for a "chain" of deli-style "restaurants" that can be found, as far as I can tell, only in college food courts.

I got this bag of chips from a prepackaged box lunch at work, too, so clearly Block & Barrel is simply passable food for captive audiences. Which makes my act of reviewing it all the more irrelevant, but then, that should surprise no one who reads this site.

Review by Swimfan