Cuando tienes hambre. For some reason that is the phrase that sticks with me when I think of Snickers. How the exact American words to that commercial jingle went, I don't recall. But it gets right to the point of Snickers: this isn't just a candy bar; it's a meal. When you crave something sweet, you get some ice cream, or maybe a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But when you are hungry, you grab a Snickers bar.

I can't think of any other candy bars that are marketed as such. And in fact, Snickers really does satisfy. If you forget to bring your lunch, just get a Snickers, and you'll get by.

The formula is brilliant: peanuts coated in caramel on a bed of nougat, all wrapped up in a layer of milk chocolate. For me, it's the nougat that makes the experience. It is simply the best nougat of any candy bar; it has such a wonderful chewy texture, with a minute degree of graininess that is just out of reach. You can eat the bar whole, or you can savor it, layer by layer, each level a delightful experience in itself. Snickers even comes in a king-size variety, if you want to stop eating dinner altogether.

With the amount of peanuts and chocolate, Snickers looks pretty much the same coming out as it does going in. How's that for efficiency?

Review by Kurt Klavicle