Flirting (1991)

Written and directed by John Duigan

You know how you'll have these little pet-favorite movies that no one else seems to care about, but you just, almost inexplicably, love? Flirting is one of those for me – just a really sweet, honest, delightful thing all around.

Noah Taylor reprises his character from the inferior (but still sweet) The Year My Voice Broke, Thandie Newton is the African exchange student he falls in love with (and fortunately she had not yet acquired the hideous speech impediment and physical deformities on display in Beloved), and a very young Nicole Kidman plays the bitchy snootster who secretly roots for 'em.

Lots of privately thrilling, tender moments that capture the magic of young love. Excellent acting, solid direction, and some visible penises in a boys' shower room scene.

So come for the penises, stay for the film; Flirting is a penis-filled delight!

Er, that was a very poor and quite misleading attempt at pull-quote, but it's a lot harder to be funny about shit that I actually like than when stuff sucks.

Review by Polly Tarnish