Meow-Meow Kitty Cat's LMP Adventure
     written by Ayako

Meow-Meow Kitty Cat stepped off the bus and gave a great shout. "TODAY I S THE DAY I AM SEE LMO!"

She fished in her pink purse for a sparkle and threw i t into the air. "Fly sparkle high!" she meowed.

She walked down Sunny Street to LMP STudios where LMP record next record called "THE SOUND OF LMP DANCING ON ORCHID CLOUD".

When she step in, Meow Meow looked sad. "WHERE IS LMP?" she meowed.

Then suddenly she heared the sound of guitar and bass with drums and keyboard electronic. "YAY!" she exclamed. "LMP AT LAST!"

Meow Meow had won contest in America for seeing LMP record "THE SOUND OF LMP DANCING ON ORCHID CLOUD" with new maxi-single "BIG FUN TRAMPOLINE DAY WITH MY FRIENDS."

When LMP saw Meow Meow they smiled. "WELL YOU MUST BE KITTY CAT MEOW MEOW" said one of them. "HELLO TO MEET YOU!!"

Meow Meow blushed and offered LMP two sparkles. "For GOOD LUCK LMP!" she giggled.

Then she danced when LMP played the music. Everyone was dancing and singing and sparkling. It was one of the best days.

Later, they all went to go eat chocolate bars and cookie centers. IT WAS SO FUN!

When Meow Meow Went to Bed later after the dinner, she remembered what had happened that day and dreamed of seeing LMP again someday. "WE DANCE HAPPY TIMES!" she meowed.

Then the next day, Meow Meow was going to college.


Chachi-san said on Feb 24, 2003:
That's so adorable! Now I want to purchase an LMP 'n' Meow Meow action set complete with new Swingtime Summertime porch swing accessories!


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