LMP Goes to the Farm
     written by Susan Rogers

Ryan and Eric pulled to the side of the road to read their map. It seemed like they had been driving for hours!

"Where are we?" said Eric.

"We're almost there," replied Ryan. "Just let me consult the ol' Randy McNally to be sure.

Eric turned on the radio, which happened to be playing the latest LMP hit song. Pushing his sunglasses up the bridge of his nose and tilting his head back, Eric remarked, "Well it sure will be nice to get away to the country. I am getting tired of the rat race of fame.

"You got that right, step-bro'," responded Ryan absently. "HA!" he said, slapping his finger down on the map. "There it is – Farmerville Farms! Just 10 more miles to go!

He twisted the volume control knob and let the LMP hit song blast into the crisp country air.

"Hold on, Auntie and Uncle Canida! LMP is coming to the farm!"

When they got to the farm, they quickly realized that something was amiss. The farmhouse where Ryan had been raised with his Aunt and Uncle had been burned to the ground, while the corn husks that once stood so tall and proud were lying withered on the ground.

"Dude, what happened here?" asked Eric.

Ryan turned to look solemnly at Eric. "Eric," he said seriously, "I wanted you to see first hand the plight of the great American farmer. Your stubborn refusal to eat pure, American farm-grown grains and vegetables has driven my Aunt and Uncle Canida straight to the poorhouse! The farm was foreclosed, they had to starve all the animals, and finally were forced to eat each other's legs for food, and use each other's arms for firewood. Now THIS," he said, waving a hand at the burned-out farm, "Is all that remains."

"Ryan, you have truly opened my eyes. From now on I will support American farms by consuming at least one bushel of grains and vegetables each week. Now that I've seen what goes on in this cold world, I can't help but become part of the SOLUTION."

"Great to hear, bro'." said Ryan, giving Eric a high-five. "Now let's go write another hit song for our fans – one with heart. One about farms!"


Donald w/o Trousers said on Jan 05, 2003:
LMP sure roolz


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