Halftime (part II)
     written by Baby Doll Johnson

The TV network and the NFL were taking a big risk allowing a relatively unknown band like LMP take center stage at halftime of the Super Bowl, the most-watched event year in and year out. But Eric and Ryan knew they were up to the task. This is why they had worked their tails off their entire careers. As Ryan looked out the bus window, watching the weather change from the cold bleakness of the Midwest to the sunny climate of the Super Bowl, he reflected on LMP's first-ever live performance. The bar was Potato Creek Johnny's. The crowd was rough, and didn't take well to LMP's genre-busting sound. But despite that terrible night, Ryan knew they were destined for greatness. That was a different time, though. Now, the stakes were higher. The negative publicity they would get from a poor performance would kill any chance they had of getting a foothold in the consciousness of the American public.

"La Musique Populaire," said Eric as he woke from dreams of stardom. "That is what LMP is all about. And now the whole world's gonna know."

Ryan smiled but Eric could sense a hesitation in his expression.

"What is it, Ryan?" asked Eric.

Ryan paused for a few seconds, then replied, "This is our chance, Eric. This is OUR moment. We may never get an opportunity like this again. We need a song that will show everybody that LMP is the future. It's our time to shine."

"But LMP has so many great songs, I wouldn't even know where to start," said Eric. "Which do we choose? We could go with a classic like 'Top Ramen,' but we also have new stuff like 'Hot Pink Hot Pants.' And what about Century of Song?"

"This is quite a dilemma," Ryan agreed. "I think if we truly want to blow them away, we should not just surprise them, but surprise ourselves as well. We won't decide until the moment our instruments are in our hands."

The bus pulled into the loading area of the stadium and Eric and Ryan, being the polite young men they were, helped the elderly bus driver unload their cargo. They hauled it up to the entrance to the field and stopped to enjoy the view. They both looked out into the stands, watching the people quickly fill the seats, picturing them all chanting "L-M-P! L-M-P!"

Eric and Ryan looked at each other and said at the same time, "It's time to make it all come true!" They picked up their boxes and proceeded to the green grass in front of them.

In front of them stepped a very large man, with muscles nearly bursting through the fabric of his clothing. His ebony skin glistened in the sun. Eric looked at the tag hanging around the man's neck. It said in big, bold letters: SECURITY.

"I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I can' t let you through."

To be continued ...


Mister Whiff said on Oct 23, 2002:
Oh, why did you stop right when we got to the ebony skin and rippling muscles? I hate when that happens.


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