Halftime (part I)
     written by Baby Doll Johnson

"Rrarrgghh! You guys think you have it rough! I used to have to wipe Mick Jagger's puke off the bathroom sink!"

Eric and Ryan had always taken Thomas P. Tiger's constant name-dropping with a grain of salt. He was certainly well-known in the music industry, but they always viewed him as more of a jester than a king.

"You know, Ryan," said Eric under his breath as he and Ryan mopped the floor of Thomas's kitchen, "the older you get, the longer the walk home."

"I heard that!" agreed Ryan, not realizing that Thomas was listening to everything they were saying.

"Raarrghh, so you think I'm making all of this up? Rarr, I'll show you good-for-nothings what it means to be connected in this business!"

Thomas stumbled across the room and picked up the receiver on his old beige telephone. Eric and Ryan heard a brief series of growls and grunts, culminating in Thomas slamming the phone back down. The two members of LMP cringed as they looked at Thomas, wondering if he was going to unleash his famous wrath on them, or just skulk off to his private den.

"Rarrgh, listen up, you two. I'll show you S.O.B.'s I'm not so washed up. I just got you two booked to play halftime at the SUPER BOWL. You can thank me later!" He turned and walked away in a huff, leaving the two musicians to their mopping duties.

They could hardly believe what they were hearing. The Super Bowl? This was the realm of the Christina Aguileras, the Aerosmiths, the Beach Boys of the world. But LMP? Had they finally reached the big time? Maybe all those stories Thomas would tell them were true. As Eric and Ryan turned to each other, they each noticed on each other's face the same, hopeful smile.

Ryan broke the silence.

"Do you realize what this means?"

"Hell yeah I realize what it means! LMP IS GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!"

To be continued ...


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