Get Out part I
     written by Boing

I was inspired by my favorite LMP song to write something for Halloween. Though I should be finishing my paper the temptation is too strong. :-)

The moon shone through the thicket of trees onto a long white moving van. Inside, a weary Eric and Ryan tumbled helplessly as the neglected dirt road had its way with them.

"Dude, are you SURE this is the way to the gig?", Ryan moaned. "We haven't seen civilization for 2 hours, and all of these creepy trees are reminding me of that movie 'Sleepy Hollow'!"

Eric put down his flashlight and copy of "Card Technology" magazine, and looked at his new Casio PAT2GP-1V GPS wristwatch. "Oh, ye of little faith", Eric said smugly as he tapped his new gizmo. "We're right on course."

"I seriously doubt the arena is in the middle of nowhere. This place is the biggest place in the state!", Ryan retored. "Man, I dunno-".

"Reeeelax. We should be close." Eric reached inside his backpack, pulled out a copy of 'Meeting Up And Making Friends', and slipped it in the stereo. Ryan grinned as the strains of "Hot Pink Hot Pants" rumbled their way out of the van's souped-up speakers. Eric sang along as he typed along on his new 700mHz 20G DVD-CDR iBook - his face alight from the monitor's soft glow.

TSCHBOOOOOOM!! Ryan held onto the steering wheel for dear life as the van lost control and swerved uncontrollably. "The front left tire must have blown! Hang on!" Ryan pressed firmly on the brakes as he gripped the wheel tightly and turned into the skid. Dust and dirt flew about in front of the headlights, adding to the already thick fog. As the van was slowing, the front right of the van dipped into a large pothole, and Eric lurched forward in his seat as momentum completely stopped. "Yaahhhhhh!"

THUD. The visibility was zero feet. LMP sat still in the following silence, staring back at a large oak tree which seemed a mere six inches away from the front bumper. "Oh mannnnnn," said Ryan. "Whew. Are you ok, dude?"

Eric rubbed his face and stared out the window. "Y-yeah, I'mok, but I don't know about the van." Then looking down at the pile of plastic and wires on the floor, he grimaced. "And I ESPECIALLY don't know about the PAT2GP-1V".



Boing said on Oct 05, 2002:
Cool thanks!! :) Check out my part II! :)

Matt said on Oct 02, 2002:
See? Now this one's got potential...


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