And the Oscar Goes To ... (Part 1)
     written by Remy Red

Ryan put the finishing touches on his bow tie and straightened the coat of his tuxedo. It was still hard to believe that tonight LMP would be performing on the Academy Awards! He took a moment to look in the mirror and left the hotel room. Downstairs, he saw a pair of familiar faces.

"You look terrrrrrrrrrific!" shouted Thomas P. Tiger, himself decked out in a brand new tuxedo.

"Tonight's the night!" said Eric. "Are you ready?"

* * * * *

The limousine pulled up to the Academy Awards Building and LMP could hear the roar of their adoring fans outside. Now was their time to really shine. Their latest song had been chosen to be the theme song for the newest James Bond film, and they were nominated for best original song!

They stepped out onto the red carpet and smiled for the string of photographers shouting their names. "LMP! Over here!" "Ryan! Eric" The flurry of flashbulbs was dizzying. Ryan looked ahead of him and saw Tom Hanks talking with the press, with his beautiful wife Rita Wilson on his arm! They had made the big time at last!

Eric stopped to talk with Kelly Ripa, who was hosting this year's pre-show.

"Do you think you're going to win? asked Kelly.

"I'm just honored to be nominated," answered Eric humbly. He thought back to his upbringing on the farm and wondered how a simple small-town boy had made it to the inner circle of the entertainment industry.

Suddenly there was a crash and LMP looked to the entryway. Thomas P. Tiger had gotten himself tangled in the red velvet rope, and accidentally pulled over one of the giant golden Oscar statues!

"Well excuuuuuuuuse me!" laughed Thomas. "Alright boys, let's go inside!"


Joe Snow said on Apr 27, 2004:
no it did not.

Matt said on Oct 02, 2002:
That sucked!


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