A Poem For LMP
     written by Amy

L is for the Love I feel whenever I hear LMP,
A is for the Awesomeness their music brings to me.

M is for the Macho guys who are called LMP,
U is for the Unique music that they play.
S is for the Smiles when you hear "Cornelius Crane",
I is for the Incredible sound that enters your brain.
Q is for the Quiet time just before you put on their CD,
U is for the Unbelievable music of LMP.
E is for ERIC who is dreamy as can be.

P is for their Popolarity.
O is for the Only song I've ever heard called "Omar the Human Rake,"
P is for the Pretty boys who are never fake. U is for the U-Haul truck I will need to store my whole LMP collection when we move next month
L is for the Lovely songs that I listen to by LMP every month.
A is for the Absolutely Perfect sound of LMP,
I is for the Inspriational feelings when you hear their latest MP3.
R is for RYAN who is cute as can be,
And E is for Everything I love about LMP!

That spells LA MUSIQUE POPULAIRE the best band ever.



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